The objectives of SKIREC Publications are solely centered round the welfare and humane attitude of the founders who enthusiastically took up this noble cause and materialized it with a view to promote research and educational activities for the encouragement of scholars to develop their knowledge, to publish their analysis oriented scientific researches in international Journals, books, the task of organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, training, personality development programs and allied services. One of the several other objective of this consortium is to hone the research skills of the budding researches and to provide a platform for the academies unseasoned but promising scholars, Industry Personnel’s and any individual who can offer innovative and novel ideas to the society for its betterment. It is the vision of the founders of this consortium that the theoretical and academic attainments and new creative ideas should have a bearing on the life and economy of a nation which can be best achieved by joining heads with the Industry and Policy makers of the Govt. On this way, we wish that the whole global society reaps the dividend which is a product of the best minds of the world. This consortium will unquestionably become the mouth-piece of the dark horses and unacknowledged scholar whose endowed and commendable contributions shall be provided an outlet keeping in mind the greater good of the larger society of the world.
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